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Nick Finzer

Gap Semester 2020!

Gap Semester 2020!

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So, you're hesitant about going back to school this fall due to one of MANY reasonable situations. Whether it's health or financially driven, you might be reconsidering going back to campus this fall... But, you don't want to give up on being able to move forward with the progress you are making in your playing/career! I decided to launch a product this summer to allow you to tackle that situation head on. I'm calling it a "Gap Semester" or could even be for 2 semesters, making it a "Gap Year". Not taking a year off, but want some structure for 15 weeks this fall? This could be the ticket for your to jump-start the next phase of your artistic growth.

The element that is missing from many online situations? ACCOUNTABILITY - that's what I'm here for. To check in on you each week, create assignments that are due, and keep you on track to hit those goals that we set.

We'll focus on creating a custom plan for you and your specific goals. No one-size fits all curriculum here. So here's what we'll have in store for a 15-week Gap Semester.

Fall Semester starts the Week of August 31st, 2020 and Runs through Friday December 10th, 2020.

  • Week 1 Orientation/Goal Setting Session to create our plan and make sure we break down the exact week by week plan to get you there.
  • 7 one on one virtual lessons (45 mins) (every other week, and/or by appointment)
  • Video feedback from me each week where we do not have a live lesson
    • We'll cover topics such as
      • Improvisation
      • Transcription
      • Tune Learning
      • Sight-reading
      • Trombone Technique
      • Trombone Fundamentals
      • Composition
      • Artistry
  • Midterm and End of Semester Jury Assignments
  • Ongoing availability to send me audio and video of what you are working on throughout the week for feedback, suggestions, and more.
  • I will HOLD YOU ACCOUNTABLE to stick to the plan that we have set in place.
  • Studio-Wide tunes and assignments to learn, in order to be able to exchange ideas with other students, practice together, etc.
  • I'll help you with setting up your tech to make sure we get the most possible out of this experience.
  • You'll have a chance to meet our other students in our Virtual Studio Classes, get to perform, and grow together!

I only have room for a select number of students each semester, so if you are really interested, make sure you sign up sooner, rather than later!

If you need help with financing this, please get in touch and I'll share some available options with you.

Can't wait to work with you all -



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