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Nick Finzer

Jazz Trombone Bootcamp (Virtual) 2022!

Jazz Trombone Bootcamp (Virtual) 2022!

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Welcome to the 3rd Edition of the Jazz Trombone Bootcamp!

Early Bird pricing is available until the guest artists for 2022 are announced!

The event will include:

  • Daily Warmup Sessions
  • Daily MASTERCLASS (and we have AMAZING guests, I just can't announce them just yet...) 
  • "Lunch & Listen" Sessions to uncover listening to music, in new ways.
  • Daily topic sessions that include things like:
    • Trombone Fundamentals
    • Music Theory
    • Tune Learning
    • Jazz Vocabulary Development
    • Transcription Strategies
    • Scales/Modes
    • Tune Trading Sessions
  • Daily Q&A sessions with Nick
  • Virtual Hangouts to chat with other attendees, TA's and Nick
  • Two evening events, throughout the week (more details soon)!

I'm happy that I'm able to bring back out 2 teaching assistants from 2021, Jack Courtright and DJ Rice!

There is limited availability - we can only accommodate 20 participants in Session 1 this summer!

This camp is intended for advanced high school, college, graduate, and postgraduate students, and ANYONE who is serious about jazz trombone and wants to take advantage of this time to take their playing to the next level!

2022 Participant Levels:

Masterclass Performer: Guaranteed Slot to Perform for one of our guest artists, in addition to the rest of our Bootcamp Activities

Masterclass Participant: Be an active member of the Bootcamp, participate in all Masterclasses, and the rest of our Bootcamp Activities!


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