Nick Finzer Summer Studio 2021!

Nick Finzer Summer Studio 2021!

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The summer of 2021 is fast approaching, and I'd love to help you to reach your goals this summer! Whether you're diving into jazz for the first time, wanting to get a new perspective on your playing, are preparing for a college audition, or want accountability for the summer months, the Summer Studio is a short-term commitment that will help guide your development during the summer months! 

What you'll get: 

  • 5 Sessions with Nick (45 mins)
    • A get-to-know-you session, 3 ongoing lessons, and a final project evaluation session!
  • A guided practice plan to help you break your summer goals down into manageable chunks
  • Access to the Virtual Studio Content Library for 1 month (during or after our sessions, your choice) 
  • ongoing chat support to help you to reach your goals! 
  • sessions will be booked after purchase
  • All sessions must be complete by August 15th, 2021

I'm very excited to connect with you this summer! Get in touch with any questions: nick (at) 

Talk soon!