Cast of Characters (Hard Copies!)

Cast of Characters (Hard Copies!)

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Nick Finzer & Hear & Now are excited to launch their latest 5th studio album! Now available for a limited time, are autographed, pre-order copies of the new album when you order here, directly from the artist :)! 

"Cast of Characters" 

Cast of Characters is much more than a tribute project or an homage to musical mentors; rather, it’s a probe into the nature of influence, containing a strong message of self-empowerment. As the title of the album’s final track puts it, “We’re more than the sum of our influences.” 

In the end, the listener will also absorb and reflect on the cast of characters that is Finzer himself: a searching player with a trademark timbre; a creative educator given to using emerging technology; a bandleader with an ability to choose and elevate great talent; and a generous entrepreneur dedicated to his artists’ best interests. To say it more directly, he’s a quintessential jazz artist for our time.   


Lucas Pino - Tenor Saxophone and Bass Clarinet

Alex Wintz - Guitar

Glenn Zaleski - Piano

Dave Baron - Bass

Jimmy Macbride - Drums

Nick Finzer - Trombone and Compositions