Create Connect Repeat - Building an Artistic Business in the 21st Century
Create Connect Repeat - Building an Artistic Business in the 21st Century

Create Connect Repeat - Building an Artistic Business in the 21st Century

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Nick's latest Music Marketing/Business Book: Create, Connect, Repeat!

What is Create Connect Repeat?

It is a phrase I use to frame the micro and macro. Career strategy, content strategy, and even life strategy. For building the career of every artist, it truly is at the center of what you need to do to reach the heights that you desire!

It does not have to be complicated. It is a delightfully simple strategy. Stick to the strategy, give it time. Allow the process to take its course. Stick with the work. Stick with the process. Create what you want to create. Share your work generously with those around you. Do it again, and again, and again.

You CREATE the art that you want to create, you work to CONNECT that work with audiences who are interested in the type of content/music/art you are making, and then you build a path to longevity through repetition. Most great artists did not make just one album (certainly there are one hit wonders, but we’re not trying to emulate them, most likely…). Artists make a series of albums that document their artistic vision and journey over the course of their lives and careers. It’s a living document of their artistry. You must iterate again and again, you must REPEAT the process.

When you focus on the process, the destination is a byproduct of your commitment to that process. By creating interesting and thoughtful work for people who are engaged with you in that journey, you can build a sustainable life that breaks the mold of the “starving artist” - you deserve to live the life you want to live, while making the art you want to share.

You can use this methodology to frame the smallest tasks and the largest projects. You can frame it around audience development, album projects, tours, educational events, any part of your career that you seek to develop as an artist.

At its core, it is designed to offer you a blueprint to success that focuses on you creating and sharing. It focuses on the generosity of artistry, creativity, and vision. It focuses on building one step at a time. It focuses on finding one person at a time who becomes interested in you and your work.