GET SET (E-Book): 22 Jazz Trombone Etudes to Study Improvisation
GET SET (E-Book): 22 Jazz Trombone Etudes to Study Improvisation

GET SET (E-Book): 22 Jazz Trombone Etudes to Study Improvisation

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This listing is for the E-BOOK - PDF FORMAT of Get Set!


The etudes in this book are based on some of the most frequently played forms as part of the “jazz canon.” Songbook forms as well as typical forms like the 12 Bar Blues, and 32 bar “I Got Rhythm” changes.

The two types of etudes serve two purposes. First, the Voice Leading etudes serve to teach the student how to smoothly connect chord changes in a linear (horizontal) fashion. These etudes are inspired by the work of baroque era composers like JS Bach and his Cello Suites. The single note instrument has the opportunity to denote the harmony just as clearly as a chordal instrument, all while keeping forward musical momentum.

After a student masters the written Voice Leading Etude, it is then THEIR turn to IMPROVISE a similar etude of their own, using the chord changes as indicated. Use the etude as your inspiration, but explore other possibilities that you will uncover in your own practice.

The next section of the book tackles “jazz language” through 11 settings on the same standards (and also in the same order) that deal with a range of typical bebop and idiomatic jazz language. The two sets of etudes are designed to complement one another. Studying both simultaneously will allow for a deeper understanding to the harmonic underpinnings to each set of chord changes.

These should always be learned at a slow tempo and moved faster only after mastery at that slow tempo! Always be sure to keep in mind your trombone fundamentals while playing any Etude!

Happy Practicing!

- Nick Finzer