Artist Brand Monetization System: Your Art, Your Business.

Artist Brand Monetization System: Your Art, Your Business.

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What’s included in Nick's Artist Brand Monetization? 


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Payment plans available.

1 on 1 Consulting Sessions to cover:

  • Social Media
        • Social Media Audit
        • Content Ideas
        • Platform Strategy
        • Content Strategy
        • Content Calendar
        • Pillar Content Model
        • Paid vs Organic Strategy
        • Platform Specificity and Strategy
        • Brand Awareness, and Retargeting Campaigns Surrounding your Album Launch (and lead up). These campaigns start in the weeks leading up to the first single launch. Does not include ad spend budget.
        • Additional Options to grow your Social Media team with OiM:
          • IG Growth Service
          • Video Editors (Content Repurposing)
          • Additional Social Media Ad Campaigns (Paid Media) 
          • Full service Social Media Management available
  • Develop and Implement your Marketing Plan
        • Organize all team members on to same page
        • Keep Distribution and Publicity on the same page
        • Create a Marketing Plan document that outlines our complete strategy and timeline for activities. 
  • Audience Development
        • Who is your Audience?
        • How are they different?
        • Where are they?
        • What can you create for them?
        • Who is your Ideal Customer?
        • Developing Audience Funnels and Strategies
        • Email Marketing Strategy and Tools to grow your email list.
  • Monetization
        • Based on your audiences, how can we best monetize each audience? 
        • Provide actionable steps, and ideas for each audience segment
        • Ideas and Strategy around Monetization as an artist, educator, freelancer, composer, arranger, influencer, etc.
        • What other skills can we focus on that will help bring your content and monetization options to the next level
        • Eliminate things that are just “spinning the hamster wheel”
        • Ways to sell MORE product(s)
  • Brand Strategy
        • Materials Audit
          • Website
          • Photos
          • Bios
          • Social Presence
          • Access to vendors to work on/improve on these items
  • Touring Strategy
        • Develop a Touring Strategy
        • Access to our Templates for Booking
        • Access to hourly OiM Virtual Assistants to assist you with booking tasks ($19/hr)
  • Looking for Brand Partnerships
      • Identifying potential brand partners
        • What niche’s? 
        • What companies? 
        • What outside of music?
      • Access to Templates for Reaching out to Brand Partners

    Ensure your music is HEARD by the press and consumers, by helping to craft a compelling narrative around your music (even if you’re not sure what that could be!) 

    Ensure your music is registered in all of the right places

    Online (Live-streaming) Performance and educational Strategies to Grow Audience and Monetize

    Spotify Playlist Outreach Strategies

    • Direct outreach
    • Playlist Push Setup
    • Consulting around Spotify Ads

    Media Appearances:

    • Pitches to appropriate podcasts and radio shows
    • Develop Talking Points for Interviews
    • Identify and contact potential YouTube and/or Video Collaborators 

    Connect you with the best of the best in terms of additional outside team members who will help you bring your project to market in the best possible light.

    Answer questions, provide support, and provide guidance each step of the way. Message us, any time.