Lessons with Nick Finzer (Single and Bundles)

Lessons with Nick Finzer (Single and Bundles)

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One-off lessons are great, but having the ongoing back-and-forth of assignments and working together is even better! Sometimes you just need a nudge from the teacher to keep you on track with your practice...

Here's what lessons with Nick can cover:

  • Instrumental Technique
  • Composition
  • Improvisation
  • Music Theory and Ear Training
  • Sound and Sound Concept
  • Building a Career
  • Planning an Album Launch
  • Goal Setting and Vision Building
  • Monetizing your Art

These bundles are designed for you to be able to take a short, medium or long term approach to your development with weekly or monthly sessions!

Lessons are In Person (either when we're in the same place, or you come to Nick, lessons are 50 mins) or Virtual (Virtual Sessions with Nick are 50 mins in length.)