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Nick Finzer

Nick Finzer's Jazz Trombone Mouthpiece! Marcinkiewicz 6E-S!

Nick Finzer's Jazz Trombone Mouthpiece! Marcinkiewicz 6E-S!

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After playing these great pieces for many years, I'm very excited to be able to offer these great mouthpieces to everyone, directly! I know they've been often out of stock or custom orders in the past, but we should have them on hand regularly! 

I've been playing the 6E-S model for a long time now, I'm pretty sure that I got it around 10th grade, or the beginning of my time at Eastman, and have never looked back! Its light weight provides (for me at least) a quick response, and its wider cup help me to keep a "bigger" sound than other pieces I've played. 

I'm no expert in mouthpiece sizing, so I've included the sizing guide from the company, to help you get acquainted. Do get in touch if you want to try something else, or get a special order, I'll hook it up! 

I hope you'll consider checking it out! Drop me any questions at

Mouthpiece Return Policy - All Mouthpieces must be returned in New Condition. Mouthpieces that show wear or marks, cannot be refunded as they are no longer new. Store credit can be applied to another Marcinkiewicz Mouthpiece. 30% Restocking Fee will be applied to all returns that are not exchanges.


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